Cometec is a Company specializing in quality and quantity controls of imported and exported agricultural commodities destined for human and animal consumption.

Cometec was founded in 1993 in Livorno (Italy) and privately held. The seriousness and professionality of our inspectors, duly directed by a scrupulous management, are the real reasons of the expansion of the Company's activities.

Our philosophy is to work for safeguarding the interest of our clients, regardless of any possible external influences..

The Cometec International laboratories, located in major italian ports, are an additional strenghts to support the client in the development of commercial activities.

The modern equipments are able to monitor constantly the quality and property of goods.


Italy | Leghorn, Ravenna, Venice
Greece | Salonicco
Ukraine | Odessa
Argentina | Buenos Aires

Cometec Argentina S.A.
Av.Andrés Rolón 100 - Of.113 - CP 1642
San Isidro, Buenos Aires
tel/fax +54 11 4723 4822/0362
Mobile +54 9 11 5141 0589
skype: Cometec.Argentina

Cometec Brasil
Rua dos Expedicionários,515
Estradinha - Paranaguá-PR
CEP 83.206-450
+55 41 3424.5212
+55 41 8465.6498

Cometec Ukraine
off.33, 8 Osipova str. 65125,
Odessa, Ukraine
Phone and Fax: +380482 329762

Cometec Romania
Piața Victoriei 1, AP 14
Timișoara, Romania